Crisis Management Experts

When Your World Is Turned Upside Down Will Your Company Be Able To Adapt And Survive? 

Expert Media Training

Are You Prepared To Speak To The Media And Handle Tough Questions? We Will Help You Develop Compelling Messages That You Can Deliver Confidently.

PR Crisis Response Team

It’s Easy To Lose Control During A Complex Situation And When There Is Intense Public Scrutiny. Let Our PR Crisis Team Step In And Sort It Out.

Crisis Management and Emergency Response Experts

Any business, big or small, can be impacted by a crisis. When disaster strikes and you’re unprepared, it can be devastating to your company’s reputation and revenue. 

At Centipede Consulting, we understand how important it is to contain a crisis and get the narrative under control.

Our crisis management and emergency response team is made up of seasoned public relations and crisis management consultants. We specialize in providing strategic communications, emergency crisis management and public relations (PR). 

Whether it’s a natural disaster, an internal conflict, reputation scandal or a different complex crisis, our team can help you in real-time.

Centipede Consulting Provides The Following Services


Risk Analysis


Crisis Communication Strategy


Reputation Management


Media Relations


Media Training and Executive Coaching


Post-Crisis Assessment

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