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Is Your Business Ready to Maintain Business As Usual In The Event of a Disruption? Business Disruptions Cost Companies Over $700 Billion a Year, Don’t Get Caught Without a Plan.

Does Your Business Have A Plan?

Cyberattacks Now Cost Companies $200,000 On Average, Putting Many Out Of Business  -CNBC

Business Continuity Experts

Having The Right Business Partner Is Critical During These Unprecedented Times. Now More Than Ever Companies Are Faced With A Plethora Of Issues Related To Sales, Marketing And Operations

Business Continuity Plan Experts

Our Team Is Dedicated To Ensuring Our Clients Receive The Most Comprehensive Support Available. Our Process Will Ensure That Your Business Understands Risk & Is Prepared In The Event of A Disruption. 


Step 1: Current State Assessment

The Centipede Consulting Team will provide a multi-faceted assessment of your current business continuity & IT disaster recovery plans. The plans will be evaluated for capability against your current business needs and industry best practices and standards. Our comprehensive current state assessment will provide your team with a detailed analysis of our findings, recommendations, and data. At the conclusion of the current state assessment, the Centipede Consulting team will provide a presentation to your leadership team on our findings and recommendations.


Step 2: Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

The Centipede Consulting team will immediately go to work conducting a precise Business Impact Analysis and recovery strategy. Our team will then begin the steps to ensure your business requirements align with your IT recovery capabilities. The Centipede team will take a comprehensive approach to identify business processes and information technology that is critical to the livelihood of your operation. Centipede analyzes critical data to determine the impacts of downtime to determine your organizations target recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives to protect your bottom line.


Step 3: Threat & Risk Assessment:

Our all-hazards approach to threat and risk assessment will identify current and emerging man-made, technological, and natural threats that can have a negative impact on your business operation and information technology facilities. Centipede Consulting’s full-scale study will provide your team with the probability and potential impact of each threat on your operation. Centipede’s Business Continuity team will provide an in-depth report highlighting critical areas of risk and exposure as well as expert recommendations for improvement.


What we learned in both the global financial crisis and the pandemic, is that, in a highly connected world powered by ecosystems, partnerships and interdependencies, failure in one place can have a dramatic and unforeseen impact on another operation anywhere in your business. 


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Of Small Businesses Have No Disaster Recovery Plan


of Businesses Had No Plans To Address An Emergency

The Average Cost of One Hour of Business Interrruption

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