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Is Your Business Ready to Maintain Business As Usual In The Event of a Disruption? Business Disruptions Cost Companies Over $700 Billion a Year, Don’t Get Caught Without a Plan.

Sales Effectiveness & Innovation Experts

Whether you are just getting started or just need a fresh prospective. Our Innovative Sales Consulting Group Can Do It All. From Training, Process Development and Compensation to Program Creation and Change Management.

Crisis Management Experts

Are You Facing A Crisis or Worried You’re Not Prepared? We Work To Resolve Your Crisis Issues Swiftly. With Extensive Experience In Media Relations and Crisis Communications, Neutralizing Public Facing Threats Is Our First Priority.

Centipede Consulting is a Business, Continuity and Crisis Management Solution Provider.

Having the right business partner is critical during these unprecedented times. Now more than ever companies are faced with a plethora of issues related to sales, marketing, and operations.  

We Specialize In The Following Areas
Business Continuity Planning
Is Your Business Ready To Maintain Business As Usual In The Event Of A Disruption? Our experts work to define any risks that can affect your company’s operations, making it a critical part of the organization’s risk management strategy.

Risks May Include:

  • Natural Disasters like fire, flood, or weather-related events
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Active Shooters
  • Security Breaches
  • Public Facing Issues
  • Internal Issues

Once the risks are identified, our team develops a robust plan that is meant to help your company continue operate in the event of a major disaster.

Centipede Consulting provides the expertise necessary to not only help mitigate risks to your operation but get your business back on track after a disruption.

Crisis Management
In today’s world, potentially brand damaging information can travel faster than ever. That’s why our Crisis Management team understands the importance of speed. We’re ready to work closely with you and your legal counsel (if needed) to help navigate through any crisis. We provide media and social media monitoring, response and recovery planning, and media training. 

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Sales Effectiveness
With our sales consulting experience, we drive innovative change in compensation, territory alignment, sales process improvement, sales program development, training and talent optimization.

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Market Strategy, Market Analysis, Consumer Analysis
Companies always grow better with a solid marketing strategy that is based on analytics. Success comes from a detailed understanding of your business, competitors, and market situation. 

Market research blends consumer behavior and economic trends to help reduce risk. Centipede Consulting, Inc. will gather information to better understand opportunities and limitations within your market. We apply the latest techniques in data analysis and deep learning to uncover information about the market and target consumers. The goal of a market analysis is to gain an understanding of your marketplace, identify consumer characteristics and to stay ahead of any shifts that may occur in the marketplace.

Our team will dive deep into the data and use this to develop strategic marketing goals to catapult your business forward. By detailing specific segments of your target market and how they work, play, and spend; our experts can help you more clearly focus your goals to provide a higher return on your investment.

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